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We’re The Analog Team, and we’re not going to talk about ourselves in third person. Companies do that sometimes, and that's weird.

The Analog Notebook was inspired by a simpler time when Wikipedia was just a pipe dream, alternative facts didn’t exist, and Goonies never said die. Our obsession started with paper, and because of that, every run of this book is only printed on pages from French Paper Co. We do this because French Paper has ran their mill on 100% renewable energy since 1922, and we’re just as interested in making an environmentally friendly product as we are a quality one. It also contains eight pages of the most useless (or useful) information at the center. Use it. Wine pairings for a shitty day? Yeah we got that. Constellations? Conversions? Hangover cures? We got that too.

But above all else, we wanted to bring back the era of the handcrafted notebook, and to give a tangible place to hold your goals, your keys to adventure, or even just your everyday thoughts. So keep it in your pocket. You never know when you might need it.




Kristian Stojek

Founder and Creative Director

Music: Modest Mouse, The Postal Service, Bright Eyes

Spirit Animal: Massimo Vignelli

Superpower: Can quote every line of 'Garden State'.


Leah Ryals

Co-Founder and Marketing Director

Music: Elvis, The Killers, The Talking Heads

Spirit Animal: Ponies

Superpower: Can kill people with kindness.


Elmer Ramos

Research and Development

Music: Calle 13, Run the Jewels, Natalie Portman

Spirit Animal: The Dodo Jesus Bird

Superpower: Organizing everything into a grid format without thinking about it.


Taylor Kigar


Music: Slint, King Krule, Chelsea Wolfe

Spirit Animal:  A door slightly ajar.

Superpower: Overthinking things while on trains.



Back-End Developer

Music: Devo, m83, LCD Soundsystem

Spirit Animal: Keanu Reeves

Super Power: Making anything beautiful.



Aliya Kamalova

Brand Ambassador

Music: Courtney Barnett, The Strokes, Stromae

Spirit Animal: Ciabatta bread

Superpower: Fixing a flat tire. Hopefully.


Ryan Sazbo

Brand Ambassador

Music: Butch Walker, Moose Blood, The Maine

Spirit Animal: Ms. Bittys. It's a cat.

Superpower: Teleportation




Music: The Howlers, The Beastie Boys, The All-American Rejects

Spirit Animal: Ball. Of the tennis variety.

Superpower: Can either be little spoon or big spoon.




Music: Snow Patrol, Blink-182, Phoebe Buffay

Spirit Animal: Himself

Superpower: Is the living embodiment of the word "incessant." Particularly at 5am.